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Load-Settlement Curve
Plate load test results (load vs. settlement) can be plotted on plain graph through this feature. User can provide unlimited annotation to comment on the curve. Vertical load capacity of pile can also be plotted through this option. Configuration menu helps in generating customized view of the plot. All the required field test data are automatically labeled against each plot.

Pile Capacity Calculation with graphical presentation
Compressive load carrying Capacity of circular pile may be computed through this feature. Additional facility of finding the lateral capacity is also available. This computation of pile capacity is done as per IS method with the provision of using user's own data for reduction factors etc. Graphical representation of this pile, depicting each layer strength, enables one to understand better behavior of the pile.

Under-reamed Piles
Of the various methods of foundation design in expansive soils, the pile and beam construction with the pile going down to and anchored in the zone of inappreciable movement is a very popular method. The bored cast-in-situ piles having their lower portions enlarged are known as under -reamed piles. CASTeR can calculate the pile capacity of under-reamed piles with the information regarding the bulb diameter and their levels being given and also the soil properties being known.