CASTeR is  a unique  software  in  the  field of  Geotechnical  Engineering  which  at present does not have any competitor and automatically  stands to be the only choice for the geotechnical community. In fact CASTeR is already  a  success  in  this place.  You  would  surely  appreciate  the  meticulousness  of  the  customers  in  this  place.  A  success  in  this  region  means  the  genuinity  of  its  proven-ness  in  the  world  market.  CASTeR   has  been  developed  by  a  group  of  practicing  geotechnical  engineers  at  Technology   Development   Centre  for   the  practicing   geotechnical  engineering  community.   It  has a  32-Bit Windows  native  Graphical  Environment  based  on  Object  Oriented  Programming   technology    and  is   written  using  latest  Microsoft's  Foundation  Class  libraries.  As  a  result  of this,  it  has  become  extremely  user-friendly  and  an  easy-to-use  software   for  the  Geotechnical  engineers.

At  present  commercially  available  version  includes  more than 30  modules like                                

Mohr's Circle plot

Settlement Calculation

Load-Settlement Curve

Bearing Capacity Calculation

Auto-generation of Bore Log

Depth vs. Bulk Density plot

Grain Size Distribution Curve

Depth vs. Moisture Content plot

Sub Soil profile through Bore hole plotting

Depth vs. Plastic Limit plot

e-Log-p Curve

Depth vs. Mv plot

Benkelman Deflection Data

Depth vs. Cc plot

Pile Capacity Calculation with graphical presentation

Depth vs. Undrained cohesion(Cu) plot.

Auto generation of Lab-Sheet

Depth vs. Corrected Frictional Resistance plot.

Depth vs. N plot

Pressure Meter Test

Depth vs. Liquid Limit plot

Computation of Mv from laboratory test results

Plate Load

Foundation Model

Under-Reamed Pile

Hydrometer Test

Depth vs. Corrected Cone Resistance plot


Sq. Root of Time Fitting Plot




Some  of  the  user-friendly  easy-to-use  operational features  available  in the present  version 

  • Selection of Line color, Graph Color , Font etc.
  • Saving option of curves and reports
  • Unlimited Annotations
  • Intelligent & fixed Scaling
  • Presentable quality report generation
  • No third party software CAD etc. for plotting
  • Selection through icons
  • Extremely easy to use and very fast program operation.
  • Transfer figure & plots to any word processor.
  • Unit conversion and calculator to facilitate the expert.
  • Input through spreadsheet format whenever required.
  • Export of plots/graphs to bitmap & metafile.
  • Built in manual and context sensitive help.
  • User Help Line (through Phone & e-mail)
  • Multiple number of samples per graph/plot

Some of the renowned consulting organization users

Okeowo Oni, Lagos, Nigeria

Ministry of  Public Works Department, Abu Dhabi

L&T Ltd., ECC Division, Chennai

Geotech Soil Testing Laboratory

M.PHO, Kinshasa, Demo. Republic of Kongo

M.K. Soil Testing Laboratory

Land & Offshore Foundation, Bangalore

D.V.Karandhikar & Associates, Mumbai

Geotest, Kolkata

S. K. Jadav, Lucknow

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

Anandjiwala Technical Consultancy, Ahmadabad

Associates Engineering Services, Barrackpore

D. K. Sinha & Associates, Patna

Geocons, Kolkata

KCT Consultancy Service, Ahmadabad

S.Ghosh & Associates Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Geotechnical Engineering Consortium, Kolkata

S.Ghosh & Associates Pvt. Ltd., Uttarpara

Anandjiwala Technical Consultancy, Gandhidham

Orbital Infrastructure Consultancy & Research P.Ltd., Cuttack

Shikhar Consultants, Ahmadabad

Arun Soil Lab Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow

N. K .Paridha, Bhubaneshwar

Space Engineers Consortium (P) Ltd, Srinagar

Pioneer Test House, Siliguri

Engineering Service & Design, Sudan


C.E.C.S. Pvt.Ltd., Kolkata

P.N.Shidhore & Co., Mumbai

SUN-TECH , Ranchi

SKM  GEOTECH., Kolkata

V.A.S.Design & Infrastructures Consultants P.Ltd., New Delhi

Star Moon Exports, Chennai


IWAI, Noida

North East Soil Testing, Agartala

Pioneer Surveyors, Kolkata

Some of the renowned educational users

IIT Bomaby, Civil Engineering Dept.

U.V.C.E, Bangalore                                                      

IIT, Madras, CE Dept.

L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmadabad

IIT, Roorkee, CE Dept.

Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College, Jalpaiguri

IIT, Madras, OE Dept.

M.S. University, Boroda

N.I.T, Warangal

K.K.Wagh Engineering College, Nasik

N.I.T, Durgapur

B.I.T, Mesra

N.I.T ,Srinagar

Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai

Jadavpur University, ANCHOR Project, CE Department

Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

M.N.N.I.T, Allahabad

IET, Lucknow

M.M.M Engineering College, Gorakhpur

Andhra University, Civil Engineering Department, Vizag

Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi

S. V. U. Engineering College, Tirupati

G. B. Panth University of Agri And Tech, PanthNagar

Meghnad Saha Institute Of Technology, Kolkata

Rewa Engineering College, Rewa

Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur

Jadavpur University, Construction Engineering Department

National Institute of Technology, Agartala


Some of the renowned research institutional users

Torsteel Research Foundation in India, Bangalore

C.R.R.I, New Delhi

National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai

C.S.M.R.S, New Delhi

National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR), Kolkata



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