CASTeR (Computer Aided Soil Test Report) is the state-of-the-art and most efficient soil test report generating software catering to the needs of practicing Geotechnical Engineers. CASTeR, truly a client server in behavior, takes away the pains of manual report generation comprehensively and allows the Geotechnical Expert to enjoy more space to efficaciously optimize his capabilities and skills towards perfect and accurate decision making. CASTeR, allows you to produce professional quality highly customized graphs/plots & calculation. It also calculates several other parameters associated with the plots/graph. CASTeR can be made GIS enabled. In a Geo-coded MAP different Soil Test Reports at different locations can be viewed, compared and analysed.


GTeCS (GeoTechnical Computational Software) is another software in the field of geotechnical engineering being developed by TDC. Such a software will encircle the entire gamut of this profession so far as the analysis is concerned. Amongst others it will have the modules for Slope Stability, Bearing Capacity, Pile Capacity, Underreamed Pile Capacity.