TDC is committed to provide all sorts of tech-support for its own software like CASTeR as well as the other software dealt by TDC. This includes the software by Research Engineers International (REI) as well.
Our commitment towards our software extends far beyond the mere delivery of programs. The REI software and those exclusively developed by TDC are updated on a regular basis, reflecting the results of continuing research and development.
All TDC products come with 180 days free technical support and free upgradation. But as per the requirements of the customer this support can be extended to 365 days.

For obtaining the technical support, customers are required to give the following information listed below.

Who gets the support:
Tech-Support is available to only those end-users who are under warranty or covered under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) scheme.

Our Support Desk is always available on e-mail/phone.
Our Support Desk Phone no - 91 33 24403599, 9830277706 (Mobile)