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Software Products

Software Products

Apart from engineering consultancy, providing software solutions is another field of
specialization of TDC.


TDC came up with its own software product CASTeR, a unique software developed for the geotechnical engineering community. A state-of-the-art soil test report generating software, CASTeR caters to all the needs of a geotechnical engineer. Developed by practicing geotechnical engineers, indigenously in India, CASTeR is renowned for its user-friendliness and efficiency.

The technical excellence both in the field of construction and software technology has been the criteria for which, Bentley Systems has chosen TDC to be their Gold Channel Partner.

Research and development on engineering software is being continuously monitored by leading professionals and experts in the field, thus elevating TDC’s software products to a level which is beyond any comparison. State-of-art technologies employed in the development of software made it possible to gain immediate recognition among the engineering community. Apart from these activities, TDC is keen to take up new challenges for engineering software development.

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